Outdoor Shower Install 4094At the client’s request, Smith Brothers Plumbing & Septic installed two outdoor shower units such as this for family members and guests to shower after working out, to remove sand from playing volleyball, or to keep the house clean.





Sink and Faucet Install 4092This bathroom sink and faucet were installed in one of the seven bathrooms in the log cabin near Necedah, Wisconsin.





Toilet Install 4091Toilet fixture installed by Smith Brothers Plumbing & Septic in one of the log cabin’s bathrooms.






Rain Door Shower 4090Client requested a shower door with rain glass be installed in one of the guest bathrooms






Master Bath Showers 4088The client’s master bathroom shower features multiple shower heads with sprayers at various levels within the large shower.





Cabin Master River Tub 4086The client’s master bathroom features a Kohler river bath tub with sauna air jets for a relaxing bath.





Log Cabin 4083Smith Brothers Plumbing & Septic installed the residential plumbing fixtures in this 8,800 square foot log cabin near Necedah as part of the new construction project.




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