Plumbing Services

Plumbing solutions – We can fix leaky faucets, repair pipe breaks, unclog plumbing fixtures, and take care of your household or commercial plumbing related problems.

• Water heater installation – When you lose hot water, it may be time for a new water heater, and Water Services carries energy efficient replacement units we can install with a call.

• Residential construction – Give Water Services a call to quote on the plumbing for your new home, finishing off that basement, or enlarging your home for a growing family.

• Residential remodeling – When the new cabinets and floors require some adjustments to the plumbing fixtures, Water Services has the expertise to help make the process easier.

• Commercial construction – Whether the project involves the installation of laboratory sinks, outfitting an apartment complex, or plumbing a retail complex, Water Services can get it done.

• Commercial remodeling – When the expansion of a growing business requires additional plumbing or water service, you can count on the professionals at Water Services.

• Water softener installation – When hard water is costing you more for laundry, cooking, and other chores, call Water Services to install a water softening system in your home or office.

• Service and repair – Whether you need to install or replace a sump pump, garbage disposal unit, or have a sewer line cleaned out, you can save time and money with a call to our office, 24 x 7.